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CPET plastic ready meal food trays are practical, effective and affordable, both in terms of sealing and of performance. They are the perfect solution for both conventional and microwave oven cooking.

CPET food trays are available in a choice of 2 types - standard or bespoke. Our standard CPET food trays offer a low cost, budget solution in black whereas our bespoke CPET food trays can be custom designed in terms of shape and colour to make your product or brand really stand out on the shelf.


General Applications

CPET trays are used mainly for ready meals applications or where the food is to be cooked or re-heated in a conventional oven or a microwave while still in the tray, either from a chilled or frozen condition.


Product Features

  • Attractive appearance
  • Excellent stability
  • Freezable down to -40 degrees centigrade
  • Heat resistant in conventional and microwave ovens to 220 degrees centigrade
  • Can be sealed with a welded or peelable film
  • Aroma tight seals



1052 (Same as RT12 Tray)

Dimensions:- 171 x 127 x 50mm

Box Quantity:- 768 Trays

This tray is often considered as a single portion tray.



1812 (same as RT8 Tray)

Dimensions:- 200 x 155 x 48mm

Box Quantity:- 576 Trays

This tray is often considered as a double portion tray.


Large Twin

1945 (same as RT10 Tray)

Dimensions:- 200 x 155 x 45mm

Box Quantity:- 528 Trays

This tray is often considered as a single portion tray for mixed foods )curry/rice, sausage/mash, the compartments are of an equal size.


We also sell Lidding Film suitable for these trays.

Microwave/Ovenable C-PET Trays

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